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Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Think We Have Survived

Well, I think my family and I have survived the flu/sinus season.  It hit each one of us...one by one.  It has been going on for over a month at our house.  First, my son went down with fever and congestion and then my daughter.  I'm not sure what I had either the flu or a wicked sinus infection.  My cough and congestion lingered for nearly three weeks!  Then, disaster struck...my husband got the flu.  Let me tell you that this was the worst!  He is a terrible patient, and it was harder on me than any of the other illnesses.  He is finally on the mend and back to work.

Today, the kids and I had a surprise day off from school and work due to the weather.  I have spent the morning cleaning house and catching up on chores.   It is nice to spend some extra time with the kids.  It is sleeting now but some freezing rain is headed our way this afternoon. We are not headed out anytime soon.

 I put my workout clothes on today, so I could clean and then exercise. I'm thinking I will do some step aerobics and yoga this afternoon.  I may even do The Biggest Loser exercise DVD this evening.  I'm finally feeling healthy and ready to get active! 

Life didn't slow down any during the illnesses but I sure did in the evenings.  Here is a picture from a charity event that I co-sponsored.  I sponsor  a club at work that does volunteer/community service.  We raised money by selling tickets to allow students to wear a hat to school.  The money goes to our local Hospice office.  I can't say enough good things about our local Hospice services.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Glenda the Good Witch Is Right

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I have several friends and family members that are trying to lose weight as their New Year's resolution, and I'm so proud of them.   For some of us, it takes awhile to find that strength that is within us all.  My message to anyone trying to lose weight is to find that inner strength and willpower  because it is a tough battle.  There are temptations and just the stress of everyday life at every turn. 

I've mentioned on my blog before that I'm not real sure about what was so different at my attempt to lose weight this time, but I know it worked  because I stayed strong.  Now, I have had plenty of setbacks and failures when I've been tempted; however, I never threw my hands up in the air to quit. 

Don't beat yourself up for slip-ups or failures.  Just listen to Glenda, the good witch, and find that strength within you.