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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spring Break is Here!

I was shocked to realize my last post was right before the school year started.  It is now time for Spring break and I find myself wondering where did the time go?  The plan wasn't to abandon my blog for the entire school year, but it just gets neglected with my busy lifestyle as a teacher and mom. 

The kids and I kicked off our Spring break with a long walk and a day of playing outside.  It was so nice to finally have some decent weather.  This winter has been brutal.  I don't think our school district has ever used so many snow days.  It was a constant back and forth of snow and ice days starting in December and continuing into March this year.

 Today, we enjoyed a 60 degree day with a promise of 70 degrees tomorrow.  We are planning on a bike ride tomorrow after we finish some much needed Spring cleaning.

The harsh winter conditions lead to more indoor time than normal and I have put on some weight.  Insert sad face :(  I'm up a total of 7 pounds, so I am determined to make the most of this week with a lot of physical activity.  My eating really hasn't been that far off course but without my usual exercise routines, I let some weight creep back on.