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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Suggested Serving Size

There will be so many New Year's resolutions made and broken for a lot of us.  I am going to focus on two: exercise  and serving size of my food. 

1) Exercise: I need to just do it.  No more excuses about being too busy or blaming the holiday rush for not finding the time.  Starting tomorrow I will exercise at least five days a week.  During the winter I struggle with exercise. 

As my blog title states, I've been walking off the weight.  My absolute favorite form of exercise is speed walking with a bit of jogging tossed in for good measure.  I do have a treadmill but just abhor it.  I want to be outdoors when I get my exercise.  I get to do something great for my body and enjoying nature is good for my mind.  I do have a wii fit system and several workout DVDs in my arsenal for burning fat.  Again, I just don't get excited and look forward to those forms of exercise like I do my daily walk.  When I'm working it is dark by the time I get home and right now we have a foot and a half of snow on the ground.   So no walking right now for me.  That means it is time to step up to the plate and get in some other form of exercise. 

2) Serving sizes of food: I do "cheat" on serving sizes from time to time.  I think this "looks" like a 1/4 cup or whatever the suggested serving size is for the nutrition information.  I need to be mindful of the serving size and limit myself to that amount.  I hate taking the time to measure out a serving of food, but I need to start doing it now.

I may just measure the food I know is tempting for me.  There are certain foods that I will "eyeball" the amount because I don't really want to be limited in how much I eat.  For example, I really love Special K chocolate delight cereal.  I mean really love it.  I say I don't have time to measure it in the morning but really I want to pour in as much as I want that day.  Time to buckle down on serving sizes.

I think if I focus on exercising and measuring my food this year, I will be able to reach my weight loss goal. 

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Another Day of Snow Fun

Today, it was just me and the kids at home.  I got busy early this morning to finish cleaning up the holiday mess and catching up on laundry.  I knew they would want to go back outside today to play in the snow.  As predicted, the first thing my daughter asked was if we were going to play in the snow today.  At this point, I have to say that I'm not a big fan of winter precipitation.  I think fresh, fallen snow is beautiful.  However, I can admire the beauty from my window while I sip on some coffee.  Just not a fan of snow or for that fact winter in general.  So... I said yes of course we will go play in the snow later today.

I do know this: when I was extremely obese I probably would have told her it was too cold to go outside.  I might have even said to wait for daddy to come home, and he can take you out.  It wasn't just because of my dislike of the cold and snow but really a lack of energy.  It is a chore:  button up, layer on the clothes,  find all the winter gear, trudge around in the snow and play, and then clean up the wet mess once we got inside.  I just didn't have the energy. 

My daughter rolling around in the snow.
Today I had the energy to get everyone ready to go outside, play for almost an hour, and clean up the mess without feeling exhausted.  I love how my weight loss has positively impacted my role as  a mom.  We rolled in the snow, played with the dogs, and built a snowman.  No pictures of the snowman because  he didn't turn out as expected.  And that is okay because we had a lot of fun making him. 
It is so important to keep moving!  


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Blizzard workout

Today, I got a blizzard workout!  I was thinking that an exercise DVD was in my future for this evening; however, my workout ended up being two hours of shoveling snow.  It is the first time in my life I can recall getting an official blizzard where we live. 

My husband had to call off work today because it was impossible to get out of our driveway.  We waited until the  winds died down in the afternoon to get busy on our chore of digging out of our drive.  I'm off work until after the new year, so I was content with a foot plus of snow.  That was until I realized he would be needing to go back to work today.

I must say the shoveling, sweeping, and pushing of snow was quite the workout.  I had been slacking in the workout department due to so many activities surrounding the holidays.  When we were finished getting both our vehicles out from the snow drift, my entire body was tired.  It felt great at the same time: a good workout and an accomplished chore. 

I also played outside with our kids.  My daughter only lasted outside about ten minutes before she needed to go inside and have some hot cocoa.  My son stayed out about 30 minutes and that was because of our dogs.  It was such a fun afternoon outside with family. 

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Temptations

There are so many holiday temptations.  There have been work and friend parties, family parties to come, and if that weren't enough my husband's birthday party.  I have been trying to convince him for the last 16 years to please move his birthday away from Christmas celebrations, but he just won't do it.  That equals countless extra calories. Ok, so they could be counted but I have decided not to this week.  I am using self-control to just have a small helping or single treat from all the extra food.

Image found on pinterest

I have several friends that have brought me "treats" for Christmas.  One even said,"I know you won't eat these but take them home to your family."  Umm...I live with my family and it is just another temptation.  So far here is my total for Christmas treats: two pieces of peanut butter fudge, a homemade tag-along cookie, and half of a snicker doodle cookie.  I'm hanging strong at this point.  I have passed on several other offers, and my own baking and candy making. 

However, I feel like I have hit my limit on indulgences and I still have five more days to go!  It is time to get tough and buckle down on extra calories.  I'm thinking since I'm off work until Jan. 02, I could start working out twice a day.  I've been a slacker in that department too. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


I'm wondering if there is any science behind human hibernation?  :)  Really. I am feeling like my body wants to go into hibernation.  We are going through a cold snap in our area and ever since I have been wanting to overeat.  I've noticed times when I'm not hungry  my mind is telling me to eat something.  Yes, that is how I became obese in the first place but this feeling is different.  On days and nights it has been really cold, I feel the urge to put on a layer of fat.  Absurd.

So here is a picture of how I feel:

Not only do I want to eat but sleep too!  Oh please, I don't have time for any of this nonsense.  I have workouts to do and weight goals to meet.  Anyone else know what I mean or am I the only person with bear instincts?

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Slow and Steady

Slow and steady wins the race, right?  I am down another pound this week.  As I mentioned in the last post, the month of October was not kind to me.  I had a lot of stress and wasn't making the best food choices.  However, in the last few weeks I've been back on the eating right bandwagon. 

I was hoping for more than a pound this week because I was strict with my eating.  But...I won't complain a pound is a pound in the right direction.  I've really buckled down with evening snacks.  If I feel I really need something in the evening, it has to be a fresh fruit or veggie.  My uncle gave me a sack of turnips and I've been munching on them all week. I just peel them like an apple and eat them raw.  They are fantastic for a snack - very filling.   

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scale is finally moving

The scale is finally moving in the right direction.  My weight had been at a plateau for such a long time.  I would sometimes go up or down a bit but nothing consistent.

It is so aggravating to get stuck at a weight that is NOT the goal weight.  I consistently exercise and watch my calorie intake.  I was feeling cheated  on weigh-in day because I was working out and saying no to food indulgences.

In fact I had a bad couple of days at the beginning of the month when it came to food choices.  I suppose it was a pity party because I wasn't losing weight.  I took a couple of days to feel sorry for myself and then decided it was time to dig in my heels.  I went back to good food choices and watching my nighttime snacking. 

If I need/want a snack in the evening, I pick a vegetable or fruit.  I'm working on keeping apples, turnips, and other fresh food on hand for a snack.  During my pity party, I was turning to carbs for comfort and just making myself feel worse.  It is interesting how I thought I  was eating to comfort myself but only caused more damage through the guilt.  In one week I ate an enormous amount of caramel popcorn.  That was the turning point for getting back on the bandwagon.  Onwards to the goal!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to find healthy tips

My newest way to waste time is Pinterest, http://pinterest.com  Yes, laundry needs to be done and several other household chores, but I can't seem to ignore the calling of "pinning" something. 

There are some really good ideas for workouts on the site.  I've been following Shape and several other sources for maximizing my workout time.  It seems that a lot of the fitness tips revolve around running. I did add some light jogging to my walks, but I just can't make that commitment to become a "real" runner.

Then there are all the recipes.  I've noticed that some of the healthy recipes are listed under fitness and health instead of food and drink.  I have found some good boards to follow.  It gets boring eating the same recipes for dinner each week.  I'll try to get around to making a new recipe from the site for dinner this week and share it here. 

There is one warning about the site:  late at night I get hungry looking at all the good food!  Not all the recipes are healthy and there are so many dessert recipes that it can be a temptation.  I've learned not to peruse the site when I'm hungry or it is really late at night. 

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Time for Training

The last week has been totally crazy! My mom was back in the hospital again.  However, I think her problem has finally been figured out, and we can get busy managing the issue.  She is my best friend, and I just wasn't myself this week. 

This week I was only able to walk once.  Did I mention I'm walking a 10K in two weeks!  Yikes!  It is time for some serious training.  I'm used to walking four miles but six will be a little harder.  I said that more mileage was headed my way for training, but in actuality I've been walking much less. Here's to hoping that my family life will be "normal," and I can get back to my workouts. 

Life is always throwing curve balls. I just need to do better about handling the curves and unexpected things in life.  There were days I could have done some indoor workouts;however,  I was just emotionally drained and couldn't push myself. 

Sunday, September 23, 2012

10K for Charity

One of the great things about losing weight is my energy level.  In the past I would have never considered a 10K for charity or not.  It wouldn't have been possible for my body.  I sponsor a club at the high school where I teach that is all about community service and volunteerism.  We have done many different charity events but never one that involves walking 6.2 miles.

It makes me so happy to know that I can walk a 10K and support a great charity at the same time.  I love having the energy and confidence to do a lengthy walk.

However, that means I will need to start increasing my mileage on my daily walks.  Right now I walk around 4 miles per day.  I do want to make good time on the 10K, so I will try to build up to 6 miles a day during October. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Need Another Degree

Seriously, I need another degree to understand weight loss and gain.  I read a lot about good food choices, working out, and all those "secret" weight loss advantages.  However, I can't seem to figure out my own "system."

Last weekend I was crying the blues.  I had been super strict with my workouts and calorie counting but went up two pounds!  This weekend I was expecting more bad news because it had been such a hectic week, and I didn't workout as much.  Well, I was down a pound.  Ok, I guess I just have to keep working hard to get these last 15 or so pounds off my body.  I just can't seem to predict what the scale will read now.  When I was heavier, I was right on the money with a loss or gain. 

I'm still using myfitnesspal.com to journal my food.  A warning about the site: some calorie counts are incorrect.  If you use it, be sure to double check the calories.  I have found several errors - especially in restaurant calorie counts. 

Here's hoping for a week full of workouts and good food choices.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Total Frustration

I started using myfitnesspal.com to track my calories.  In my last post, I mentioned my disdain for calorie counting but felt it necessary.  So last week I stayed at or well below my daily calories.  I worked out five times and was sure to journal all of my food. 

When I weighed in on Saturday morning, I was expecting great news.  Well... it wasn't so great.  I was up two pounds. For real. I just don't get it.  I am feeling completely frustrated.  I was strict with my eating and did my regular workout routine.  I sometimes just feel like throwing in the towel.  I won't but I do feel like giving up at times.  I was so strict and didn't bend any of the weight loss rules this past week.  So what gives? 

Just going to keep going hard this week and hope to see some results at my next weigh in. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pineapples and Walks

Two things I want to write about: pineapples and walks. 

First, I made a healthy angel food cake with pineapples this weekend.  I have several family members that are now trying to lose weight, and I wanted them to have a healthy dessert on Sunday.  We love having all of my family over for Sunday dinner after church.  It is a great time to catch up on every one's life.  My mom and I cook a big dinner and usually buy a dessert from a bakery.  I did buy a double chocolate fudge cake for the kids and guys in my life :)  Then I wanted a sweet treat for myself and  family members that are trying to lose weight.  I was so surprised by how much everyone loved the pineapple angel food cake.  Even my husband, who had a piece of each cake, said he like the angel food cake the best.  I found this super, easy recipe on pinterest: a box of white angel food cake and a large can of crushed pineapple with the juice. Mix together and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes.  I took some leftover pieces to my work friends and they loved it too.

Item #2 is my love for walking outdoors.  I had missed four days due to my mother's health and the remnants of Isaac. When I can't go on my walk, I start to feel unhealthy and a little blue in mood.  Walking isn't just good for my physical health but my mood too.  It is the one thing I do for myself and it is a time to clear my head. 

So I'm in love today with pineapples and walks.  What helps you to feel better?  Embrace whatever it is and enjoy :)  Now, I'm off to sip on some acai and blueberry tea. 

Friday, August 31, 2012

Counting Calories

So the scale has not been moving in my favor for quite some time.  I can lose .2 of a pound but not anything significant.  I am still working out  a lot.  I usually walk outdoors 5 or 6 days a week.  So...what do I need to do differently?  I decided to start counting calories again.

I HATE counting calories.  I considered starting a food journal this summer but just couldn't motivate myself to do it.  For the most part, I just eat healthy and follow portion sizes. 

My mom is now trying to lose some weight, and she told me about myfitnesspal.com.  It is an easy online or mobile app. for counting calories.  This is only my second day to journal/track my food.  It seems easy enough so far.  I like the motivation once the calories are tracked:  if I eat every day like today then I will lose 5.4 pounds by October 06!  Now...if only I can stick to my allotted calories :)  You just have to enter your weight, height, and goal weight to get the calculation of how many calories to eat per day.  There is also an exercise tracker there too. 

I'm going to give it my best effort.  My plan is to stick to my allotted calories each day.  Last night I had 32 calories left so I went to bed when I started to feel bored/hungry for a snack.  It kept me honest. 

Monday, August 20, 2012

Results or excuses

Remember this! I’m getting rid of my fat, that for sure!
This will be my motto starting tomorrow. I have been way too lax on eating and making excuses not to workout since returning to work.  No more excuses!!!!  Updates on this endeavor at a later date :)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back to Work

So I'm back to work.  Last week wasn't a good week for healthy eating.  I went on several trips to restaurants with my colleagues.  It was so great to catch up with my work friends but not so great on the scale.  I admittedly do not do well when I eat out.  I usually have good intentions when I order but often  end up with a bad food choice. 

I must also get back to work with good eating choices and working out.  I missed two days of workouts this week.  When my alarm went off at 5:30 a.m.on my first day back to work, I literally couldn't figure out how to turn it off.  During the summer I rarely have to set an alarm. My daughter is an early riser, so I rely on her to start our day :)  Add up the different sleeping pattern, losing time due to work, and the lunches out all equal a not  so great weigh in.  I was up .2 of a pound today.  I refuse to keep moving up on the scale! 

Starting this week I won't be able to eat out any lunches so it is the official start to salad boot camp.  I only have 34 minutes to eat lunch, so leaving the building is never an option.  I have my salad ingredients and yogurt ready to roll.  I pack all five salads on  Sunday night and take them to work on Monday.  This way I am not tempted to go to the cafeteria or order out with anyone.  I can always say, "I already have my lunch." 
Hope everyone has a good week!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Where Did my Momentum Go?

Well, I managed to lose my momentum this week.  I taught a VBS junior high youth group with my sister and just didn't have enough hours in the day.  We were busy planning lessons, activities, and running errands all day. It was a rude wake-up call:  this is  what it will be like next week when I return to work. 

I missed two workouts: Tuesday and Wednesday.  So that means mileage wise I logged in 16 miles of walking and light jogging.  I also ate out too many times this week.  I hang my head in shame when I say that I had three, small DQ ice cream cones. 

I was expecting and preparing for the worse this morning.  I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, and stepped on the scale.  Result: +.2 of a pound.  I was disappointed in myself but it wasn't as bad as I expected. 

Right now I am headed out the door to walk around four miles.  It is time to get my momentum and determination back!

I struggle to make time for myself when life is so busy. 

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Results are In

So I need to update the Friday fact checklist.  When I weighed in on Saturday, I lost 2.2 lbs.  That is the most my weight has gone down in one week for quite some time.  I had really buckled down with food choices and made exercising a priority.  It seems so difficult to do both in the same week: workout consistently and eat healthy meals.  I hope to keep up my progress as I enter a new week. 

I return to work in less than two weeks and hope to stay on track.  Usually, my eating is much better during work.  I stay so busy at work I rarely stray off the path of salad boot camp.  However, finding time to exercise is harder when I have to work.  I just need to keep my head in "the zone" in order to keep up the good work. 

Wishing everyone a week of healthy food choices and fun workouts :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday fact check

So this is my Friday fact check:  I'm just reviewing my week before my weigh-in day tomorrow. 

Fact #1: I have logged in 20 miles of walking and light jogging combined this week, and I did the Ab lounger for five days.
Fact#2: I did my salad boot camp all this week with the exception of today.
Fact#3: I ate a healthy dinner every night this week.
Fact#4 Snacking and craving unhealthy snacks is over! Thank goodness!
Fact#5: My lunch today (see fact #2) was a terrible but delicious choice - Chinese food....sigh...I know why couldn't I wait until tomorrow during my cheat meal.  In my defense, it was a get together with a family member that I know loves to eat Chinese food, so I was just being nice.  I know lame excuse!

So even though I didn't make good food choices today, I'm hoping all of my other hard work will pay off.  When I weigh-in tomorrow, I expect to see at least a small loss. 

Monday, July 30, 2012


Most of the time I can keep my cravings under control.  I always remind myself to drink a large glass of water first, and then wait  awhile  to see if I am still hungry.  Most of the time I can get distracted and forget about a craving or have something small (100 calories) to satisfy a craving. 

However, I still can't get myself trained to avoid those strong cravings and wanting to snack during TOM.  I try REALLY hard just to have a healthy snack but my hormones just will not allow it!  I know I can try harder but it never fails that I overeat and usually with junk food during TOM.  I crave dill pickle chips and chocolate.  I know!  Pure junk food with no nutritional value.  I don't go crazy with cravings and snacks during TOM like I did in the past, but it is still a real challenge for me.  I don't won't to blow all of my hard work over some hormonal changes. 

Ugh... I don't know maybe some day I will find a way to conquer those cravings.  I do substitute some for what I am craving but I eventually end up eating what I wanted in the first place.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Workouts are on track

I finally have my workout schedule on track!  I had been hit and miss with the insane heat in our area, but not anymore.  Last week I made a promise to myself not to make any excuses for missing a workout.  I had many "excuses" last week: my daughter's cheer camp schedule, insane heat (100 degrees), and my normal crazy, busy lifestyle.  Each time I started to justify missing a day of working out, I had to remind myself the importance of working out and why I needed to do it.  The need isn't just physical but mental and emotional as well.  I just feel so much better about myself when I stay on track with exercising. 

On my weigh-in day, I lost just .2 of a pound.  I was really disappointed and I think I even said "seriously!" aloud.  However, when I took the time to journal/log my weight, I realized that I went out to eat too many times.  So fingers crossed that my exercise plans stay on track and I don't indulge in too much food this week.   Eating out at restaurants gets my weight loss off track every time.  I try to limit myself to one restaurant meal on the weekend and one during the week.  Last week I went out to eat three times during the week!  I just can't hide that on the scale. 

Friday, July 20, 2012

On the Omega 3 Bandwagon

It seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking or writing about Omega 3 and its value for weight loss.  I declined getting on the bandwagon in the beginning. However,   I have eaten tuna and grilled salmon for quite some time without realizing they are a super omega 3 source.

During the summer I am able to devote more time to researching weight loss and health.  I've read so many articles stating that Omega 3 rich food and supplements aid in health and weight loss - especially belly fat.  I didn't realize that even my own mother was taking an Omega 3 supplement.  She claims that it helps to keep her cholesterol under control.  No research - just mom's viewpoint :) 

So... I decided to aid my intake of Omega 3 by adding a supplement.  I will say that the only thing I have noticed is that the supplement makes me burp - yuck.  However, I hope the supplement is positive in the long run.  I did notice at the store that there is a burp free version of the supplement.

I would recommend any comments or viewpoints on taking Omega 3 supplements.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Heat is Back!

I thought the area where I live had surpassed the scorching heat, but boy was I wrong!  We do have hot summers but usually not scorching until August.  The heat is back to 100 degrees for today and tomorrow and now the humidity level is up too :(  The humidity is actually making outdoor workouts more uncomfortable than the 100 + degrees we experienced earlier in the month.

Despite all of the above whining, I still walked outdoors this morning.  My son and I have been hanging out for a couple of hours each day.  My daughter has cheer camp in another town, so he gets my undivided attention which we have both enjoyed.  Today we spent our time walking at that town's park.  It was already hot and humid at 10:00 a.m.  We walked three + miles together and then walked out to the pond to feed the ducks and geese.  He was so nice about working out with me before he could play.  I feel so blessed to have such a caring son. 

This heat has presented a real challenge when it comes to working out.   For some reason, I just can't force myself onto the treadmill during the summer. I love walking and jogging outdoors, so staring at my living room's wall just isn't enticing.  I know that when winter gets here I won't have any choice but stare at that wall, so until then it is all outdoors for me. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Find Your Start

I had this on my FB page from Special K and it said to share with anyone, so I thought I would post it here. 

I know I've had countless number of "starts" for losing weight.  Honestly can't even put a number on it.  And I'm not sure why this "start" was any different from all the others.  I think it was more about after the sprint of starting, I found a way to keep going.  My kids were an important part of my endurance this time.  I want to keep active and healthy not just for my myself but for them as well. 

My dad died when I was a teenager and missed out on so many important life events.  That is a huge part of my wanting to stay healthy and be around as long as possible for my children.  My daughter watched our wedding video for the first time and she asked why my dad wasn't there.  She has heard so much about him and knew he passed away before she was born, but she didn't realize the time frame.  I told her he was already in heaven and didn't get to see my wedding day.  Her response, "I want you to be there on my wedding day, and I want you to meet my babies."  I sure hope so :)

So find your start and maybe even more important is your motivation to keep going!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hanging In

Well, my plan to exercise every day last week was almost reached.  I missed one day due to a yard sale.  I justified missing that day with all the work I did in setting up for the sale.  Yes, I know by using the word justified I really mean an excuse :) 
I indulged WAY too much during the 4th of July activities.  My sister makes amazing zucchini spice bread and I had several slices.  And for my followers you know I rarely eat any bread.  So I weighed in after all that good food and I was up another pound!  It was enough to kick my rear in gear and get that pound off before my "official" weigh in day. 

I even walked in a record 106 degree day during the evening. I figured if I could sit outside in 106 degree weather for six hours of a yard sale, I could walk four miles out in it that evening.  Both Friday and Saturday of my yard sale were record heat days!  What was I thinking?  

On to a better week and another goal of getting some form of exercise every day.  One week I will make my goal friends :)  Now I have to work on those three pounds that I'm still up...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heat Wave Claims Weigh-In Day

Where I live the daily temperature has been averaging around 105 degrees this week and next week looks to be about the same.  I have used the heat as an excuse not to workout.  Yes, I could have done an indoor workout but my head said "you walk during the summer - outdoors."  So I would convince myself that it was too hot and dangerous to walk outdoors.

I could have gotten up at 5:30 a.m. to walk since the heat isn't dangerous then, and there would be someone at home to watch the kids.  I even set my alarm one day at 5:00 a.m. and promptly hit the snooze button when it went off.  I was just too tired to get up that early.  I exercised only  two times this week.

So after a week of neglecting my  workouts, I gained three pounds!  What?!?  I couldn't believe the scale this morning.  This is the most weight I have gained in a week's time in over two years.  Now there are other excuses to throw into this week's gain but just not wanting to workout is the #1 excuse. 

My plan this week is to battle the heat with determination.  I will get up at 5:30 a.m. to walk or do an indoor workout EVERY DAY this week!  My goal is to exercise every day even if it is a brief 30 minute workout. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Activities

My daughter and I getting ready to head out to our fields to pick blackberries :)

It has been nice to feel like doing extra summer activities.  My whole family went out to pick blackberries on our property.  We have lived in this home for eight years, and I had never  picked the berries.  Why?  When I was extrememly overweight, there was always an excuse.  It was too hot or really I just didn't want the extra work.  It was too easy to feel worn out or hot with all the extra weight.

I mentioned in the last post about visiting an amusement park and actually enjoying myself, so I'm feeling the same way about other extra activities.  My children play baseball and softball, so I always endured the heat for them.  This year I've made it to my niece's games too.  I don't worry about the heat or having to walk far to the fields.

It has been a feeling of freedom.  If someone mentions an extra activity during the summer, I am up for the challenge!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Afraid of Amusement Parks

I can remember being scared to death of amusement rides when I was heavier.  There was always that worry that the belt wouldn't fit or the bar that comes down would be too tight.  I would hold my breath and just imagine what if the worse scenario happens:  everyone would know I was too big for the ride. 

When my kids were little, I would make my husband ride the big rides that I didn't want them to go on alone.  The reason: my weight.  I also felt guilty about not riding with them and felt like my husband was the one getting to make those special memories. 

Yesterday, my family went to an amusement park!  I had no trouble walking all  day, riding rides, or participating in water park rides.  It felt great!  My husband is scared of heights, so I had to ride all the "scary" rides with my son.  I was so happy that I could do that for him.  

I don't want to forget that feeling of being proud of myself because it helps my kids the most.  I get to have so much fun with them :)  Use whatever motivates you to be a healthier, active person.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Must Start Measuring

I really don't want to, but I need to start measuring.  I see measuring as being too strict with how much one eats.   It seems so restrictive.  However, it has been important to me to eat healthy food and small portions to lose weight.

On the flip side, I've not been real strict with measuring or calling my lifestyle change a "diet."  In my past a "diet" always equaled failure within a few months.  This time around I decided it would be a lifestyle change and I wouldn't go overboard with "diet" rules like measuring out food.  I did mention smaller portions and that has been important in my weight loss.  I've also been practicing leaving behind some food on my plate.  No more happy plates for me :)

But... I have noticed some splurges  need to be cut back through measuring.  For example: what is a serving of fat free sorbet?  Oh, it is fat free so I'll take a bowl!  Sadly enough a bowl is three servings.  My major realization this week was with the cream I put in my coffee.  I'm a weird nighttime coffee drinker.  No, it doesn't keep me up.  And I like a little coffee with my cream.  So I said aloud to my mom, I wonder if I'm using the 1T that is a serving.  1T is 35 calories and 3g of fat.  Oh, I'm certain I just put in a tablespoon.  The more I thought about it the more certain I was that a measurement was needed.  So I decided to have a second cup of coffee and this time measure out 1T of cream.  Well, I was using way more than 1T.  It was more like 2T and that amount of fat really adds up with two cups of coffee.  I need to be more mindful of measurements.  My new goal is to work on serving size/measurements during my summer break. Then if I get to where I can eyeball the servings,  the measuring cups can go back in the cupboard. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time for a salad shake-up

During the school year, I stay on "salad boot camp."  I have a dear friend at work that follows along during "boot camp."  Everyday (M-F) we eat a salad, fat free yogurt, and drink our water like good salad soldiers :).  I contemplated a different plan for summer break but really just enjoy my salad at lunch. It is such an easy way to save calories for dinner.   I do go out to eat more often during the break, so boot camp doesn't always last all week.

However, it's time to shake-up my salads. I love to eat salad anytime of the year, but summer provides an opportunity for new ingredients. Once in awhile I do get bored with the plain, everyday vegetable salad. I'm on the lookout for some new spins on my favorite meal for lunch.

Picture is from recipegirl.com

This is my next salad adventure: watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, and feta cheese salad!  It is a spin from a local restaurant.  I had this salad a few weeks ago but have been able to decide on the dressing the restaurant had used, so after some searching on-line I am going with a low fat version.
Start with a bed of greens, add the fruit and feta cheese, sprinkle with the crunchy Chinese noodles (optional), and then use a dressing made with white wine vinegar, mint, lime/lemon juice, and EVOO.  The dressing isn't exact from Recipegirl.com but it would be my version of the dressing. 

Anyone else have ideas about the dressing?  Also, any healthy salad recipes would be appreciated too :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Derailed by the Dairy Queen and Other Fabulous Outings

Hmmm, I know I just posted about summer being easier for weight loss but somehow I forgot about the Dairy Queen.  My son and daughter both play baseball/softball and guess where they want to stop after every game?  You guessed it.  I too have a soft spot for ice cream - specifically DQ ice cream.  Oh no, frozen grocery store ice cream will never do for me. 

So we had THREE trips to DQ this week.  A killer on the scale.  I gained 1.5 pounds (insert sad face) this week.  I allow myself ONE trip to DQ per week and it is usually on Saturday or Sunday so I can work it off throughout the week.  I am a Saturday morning weigher.  Must reset brain concerning DQ: only one trip per week.  "I can order for others but not myself."  I must practice repeating that sentence to myself if I wind up there more than once a week. 

Other fabulous outings included: trying a new Italian restaurant with my family, a girls day out with my sister which included a favorite cafe, and one more restaurant with good friends.  I really do try to  limit myself to one restaurant meal per week.  Really.  Ok, so this week was an epic fail at that goal, but I shall try harder next week to limit those trips.  However, I could have made better food choices at all those meals.  I can't let every trip be a splurge. 

I am planning ahead for a an outing with friends next week.  We are trying a new bistro and I have checked out the menu in advance.  I saw some great, healthy salads but no fat free or low fat dressing, so I will bring my own.  Hope not to embarrass my friends when I whip out the fat free dressing :) 

One disclaimer: the eating out with friends this week did include a three mile walk after the meal.  This is a good step.  Catching up with friends or family usually involves a favorite restaurant, so there is a guilty feeling afterwards.  However, I felt no guilt yesterday since we ended up walking after the meal. I hope to incorporate that into more of my social outings.  Yes, we can eat but then let's go exercise :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Longer Looking for Excuses

I worked out a bit too much this weekend and pulled a muscle.  I was trying to convince myself on Monday that it was okay to workout.  I tried playing baseball first with my kids and every time I bent down, my muscle would scream in agony!  I was determined to get in some exercise so I kept pushing myself.  By the end of the day, I was pretty much beat up and applying  icy/hot therapy.  I had to admit that I wasn't in any shape to workout and that pushing myself only made the injury worse.  Today I am feeling much better but still not 100%.  I am going to do some light workouts but not anything too intense.

The title for this post came from my reflection on how my attitude has changed toward exercise.  It was only two years ago that I would have looked for ANY excuse not to workout.  I was  too tired, had a headache, had too much to do and the list goes on...   It didn't take much to deter me from exercising.  I could justify just about any excuse in my head. 

It is interesting how time and hard work have changed my attitude.  I now workout too much sometimes and have to accept that my body needs to rest.  Really never thought that sentence would  come out of my mouth!   I didn't start out full force with walking but just a mile here and there.  That lead to two miles 3-4 times a week and then 4 miles 5-6 times a week.  I then started to add yoga, step aerobics, bike riding, and light weights.  It took a lot of time and hard work to get to my new and improved attitude :)

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Summer Eating

One of my favorite things about summer is all of the delicious fruits and vegetables.  It is so easy to eat healthy during this time of year.  I know that it isn't officially the summer season but as a teacher it is summer to me! 

I made a big batch of cucumbers and vidalia onions for an anytime snack or to use a side dish for dinners.  Last night my son had a baseball game that lasted until 10:30 p.m. He wanted to stop at a convenience store to get a snack.  I was really hungry too and tempted to get something for myself.  I had smelled the buttery popcorn from the concession stand for just too long not to have a craving for a snack.  However, after I looked through the aisles of junk food, I realized that my cucumber salad was better than any of the  food at this store.  Instead I bought a flavored, zero calorie water to keep me satisfied until I could get home and enjoy my healthy snack. 

I also made a strawberry pie for Memorial day that isn't too bad on calories.  I then decided to chop up some of the strawberries to pour over an angel food cake for a lighter dessert.  Of course these treats have to be eaten in moderation.  Just a small slice of pie or angel food cake with strawberries once or twice throughout the week. 

My next summer dish is a southwestern salad that I found on skinnytaste.com.  I can't wait to try it out! 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Time for a Ride

This is my birthday present! I am so excited to have a bike again after 15 years.  I was so nervous getting back on a bike. When I was young, I rode my bike all the time.  Then in college I would go on long distance rides, but I soon got out of the habit of working out and riding. My son said he could teach me to ride a bike :)  I  replied that I knew how to ride but I was rusty. 

I started off small by just riding around the yard and then just down to our property line.  Each day I was building up my confidence to take off!  By the third day, I was ready to go the distance.  It was only a couple of miles, but those miles took away my doubts.  I could still ride a bike! 

I think we all get "rusty" when it comes to  healthy eating and working out from time to time.  However, we must get back on the bike and find our focus/goal.  Sometimes we just need a reminder or possibly a push from a friend or family member.  Here's me giving you a cyber push to get back to whatever workout you enjoy :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

I Don't Have to Make a Happy Plate

When our daughter was little, she never wanted to eat.  We would encourage her to make the plate "happy."  That would mean eating as much as she could off of the plate.  She is still slightly underweight for her age, but she is eating balanced meals.

I however have never been challenged when it comes to making a "happy" plate.  I loved eating as a child and still do today. Meals have always been festive and full of food at my home as a child and adult.  In fact, I would sometimes make a second or unfortunately third happy plate. 

Nowadays, I don't force myself to make a "happy" plate.  In fact I often make the decision to leave something on my plate.  It took some time and serious self-talk to realize I didn't have to clean my plate to make it or me happy.  Sometimes I still struggle with leaving something I really love to eat on my plate.  It just seems  wrong to leave something so delicious uneaten on my plate.  But...I have been doing just that and it really saves calories.  Don't get me wrong, I do still make a "happy" plate from time to time but not all the time.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Importance of being a Good Role Model

Even though my children are young, they have definitely noticed my 80+ lb weight loss.  They often hear people mention the dramatic difference in my physical appearance.  My son said that even the waitress at our local cafe noticed my weight loss. 

My son and I have started a routine of him joining me on my Saturday and Sunday morning walks.  I walk around four miles, and he rides his bike next to me. He has put a pack on his bike to hold our waters for a brief break and it makes him feel so important.  He talks so much now about the importance of exercising/working out. 

My daughter now mentions my healthy food choices.  She will say that sweets are a "sometimes" food that I don't eat often nor should she.  We make a giant salad on Sunday night that we eat with our meals throughout the week.

In reflection, I see how important my exercising and healthy food choices are to my kids.  I want to be a good role model for them as they grow up.  I want them to know how to make good food choices and know that exercise is so important.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Saying No to Dessert Gets Easier

In the past, I would have never passed on dessert.  It was the best part of the meal.  However, now that I workout so hard and eat healthy, I don't want anything sabotaging my hard work. 

It is so difficult to find time to workout and many days I would rather just crash on the couch.  It is sheer determination to workout 5-6 days a week.  There is always something else that I feel like I should be doing as either a mom or teacher.  The guilt of taking time for myself to workout is starting to fade away, but sometimes rears its ugly head. 

My point is that after all the work to be healthy it is now easier to say no to dessert.  Even if all my friends or family are indulging, I can still say no.  That used to be my breaking point.  If I could say no but then a friend or family member urged me just to enjoy, then I would say yes. 

Don't get me wrong, I still have a treat from time to time when I want it.  Usually, once a week I go to Dairy Queen and have a small vanilla crunch cone.  That is my favorite dessert and if I want it that week  I do!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Back to Business

It was back to work and a return to our "normal" routine.  Keeping up with everyone's schedule at home is tough right now.  Once I get home and check the kids' homework and hear how their day went, it is time to fix dinner.  I literally have 5-10 minutes after dinner before I have to head out on my walk.  Then, when I get home, I have about 5 minutes to load the car for my son's baseball practice.  I would like to vegetate when we get back from practice but that just isn't possible.  I have to keep my nose to the grindstone for a few more weeks then we will all be on summer break. 

The busy schedule and a return to normal eating has been positive for my weight loss.  I lost almost two pounds this week.  There was NO eating out this week!  I think that is a first ever!  That can make such a huge difference for my weight. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break

I was on spring break this week with my kids.  We had a lot of fun and extra calories.  We ate at McDonald's, Chuck E. Cheese,  and a few other restaurants that we don't often frequent.  The scales definitely noticed the extra calories.  I only lost a few ounces this week.  Yes, I track pounds and ounces as sad as that may seem.  I did a lot of walking outdoors and playing with the kids too.  I just about broke even with my weight: extra calories and lots of physical activity.

My son's baseball season has now started.  He has practice twice a week which will make my workout time harder to come by in the near future.  I will have to get creative with my schedule.  I want my kids to stay active, so I am willing to juggle work, family, baseball, gymnastics, and softball in order for them to do athletic events.  Somewhere in that juggling act, has to be my own form of exercise. 

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Adding a little jog to my walk

I have been needing to up my workout plan lately.  Weight loss had slowed down quite a bit and I knew a boost was needed.  There just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to get in a good workout everyday.  I am now up to five or six workouts a week. 

This week I decided to add some light jogging to my power walks.  I thought it might be a good way to speed up the calorie burn.  As it turns out, I lost two pounds this week! Let's keep moving...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Eating Out Dilemma

My sister and her husband invited my family to join them at Olive Garden today.  She said it is your cheat day right?  Right.  However, I had decided to not go CRAZY on cheat day anymore :)  I thought I would just pick something healthy from the menu.  Then... I saw a new dish that included steak, pasta, cheese and some more cheese.  That is the point when I went CRAZY!  I ordered it and it was soooo good.  Down side: I think I consumed two days worth of calories in one meal.  I will have to take it easy on the calorie intake for the next few days. 

More bad news: I am going to the Cheesecake Factory on Friday for my annual end of the year field trip.  No, the Cheesecake Factory is not our destination for the field trip, but it is where we stop to eat lunch each year :)  Now that I think about it, I just shouldn't eat  for the next few days.  LOL. 

On a side note, I was down about two pounds this week.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Loving the weather and extra daylight

I have been able to shake up my workouts this week due to unbelievably warm March weather and the extra daylight in the evenings.  I was able to walk outside three evenings this week  after work.  I am still at four miles per walk.  My time has been getting better but I'm not quite ready to add more mileage.  The other evenings this week I took it easy and did Wii fit's step aerobics and yoga. 

The result: one more pound down this week.  I haven't been eating healthy due to stress.  If anything, I've not been getting enough calories.  If I eat too little, my weight loss will slow down or stop altogether.

I'm finishing my cup of coffee and headed out for a walk right now!  I can't resist the beautiful weather outside.  There is plenty of work that needs to be done at home today, but it can wait :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making good choices even on "cheat" day

I've been trying to cut back on my "cheat" day which happens to be Saturday. I weigh myself every Saturday morning, and then allow myself some treats and eating out.  However, I don't get a lot of satisfaction out of sabotaging my diet. I always feel guilty and mumble about making bad choices. 

My doctor had mentioned that a "cheat" day was actually a good idea in a way. It keeps my body from getting used to a certain amount of calories and can shake up my system.  She cautioned from going overboard or going over one day of indulgence.  I really think my brain goes into this guilty mode when I make too many bad choices, so I find myself not enjoying the cheat day as much as I did in the past. 

My husband wanted to eat out Saturday night at Applebee's so as we headed to town, I was already thinking about how much cheating I wanted to do.  Did I want to go all out and order my favorite orange chicken bowl which is a calorie buster or order off the Weight Watchers menu there.  I didn't decide until it was time to order.   I ordered the Cabernet Mushroom Sirloin from the under 550 calories Weight Watchers menu.  I enjoyed my meal and didn't feel terrible when we walked out of the restaurant.  No guilt, shame, or mumbling about having to get back on track tomorrow. 

I will still save that special treat for Saturday, but I no longer want to blow the whole day with bad food choices.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Just Don't Have the Words

I don't have the right words to describe this week.  The town where I teach   was devastated by a natural disaster.  It was completely heart breaking to see what some of my past and present students were having to deal with this week.  There was major damage to a part of the town and some students completely lost their homes.  Thankfully, all of my students are physically doing well.  Unfortunately, that wasn't the case with all the town's citizens.  I've just been torn up and worried about everyone. 

I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I don't eat when I'm stressed.  I lost four pounds this week.  Wish I could be happy about the loss, but I'm not. 

Just hoping for healing and moving forward for everyone.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I got the Whammy!

Bad news this morning folks.  I got the whammy on the scales :( 

I knew bad news was on its way, but fingers were crossed.  We have gone on three road trips that consisted of our favorite restaurants.  I mean three really big meals.  I felt miserably full after each one knowing that I had overeaten.  But all three restaurants are places we rarely get to go to.  I thought well it just happens once in awhile to eat at "this" place but ...that happened three times in one week. 

So I am up one pound and disappointed in myself.  I will have to buckle down this week to lose that pound and try to lose more.  My resolution this week is to eat out only one time.  And if I have to eat out more than that not to splurge like I did this week. 

I will try my best to keep the whammy off the scale Start over when I must...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Don't Be Afraid to Start Over

Don't be afraid to start over...that has been my motto this time around for losing weight.  I lost a lot of weight when I was younger and kept if off for six years.  Then, when my husband and I were having fertility issues and treatments, I gained all the weight back.  I now know that a lot of my weight issues centered around that disappointment.  I could lose 15 pounds easily but then I would lose interest and it would all come right back.

I was scared to get back into the right mindset to lose weight and start exercising.  I would say I wanted to lose weight but there was something holding me back: fear, emotions, the security blanket of weight, etc.

When I went to  a weight loss surgery workshop, everything clicked for me.  I realized that I deserved to give myself one more chance to lose weight on my own. I wasn't sure that I could do it on my own, but I owed it to myself to try.  A good friend went with me to the workshop and  provided me with support.  It sounded too good to be true.  Could a surgery solve my weight problem?  Maybe.  However, with the lapband one must still do a lot of the work.  That was my turning point about getting serious for the long haul.

Don't be afraid to start over.  No matter what your goal is in life. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Trying to get it right - at the same time

My husband and I joke about both of our kids being "good" at the same time.  It seems like if one child is having a good week, then the other one is having behavior problems.  They really are good kids just a  bit ornery from time to time.  I suppose that is just the way it feels from time to time.  Our kids are the center of our world and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Now, I need to get my two issues right at the same time!  1) working out and 2) eating right.  One week I workout great but feel like I eat too many snacks or take too many trips to eat out.  Then I will get my eating on track and find excuses not to workout. 

This week's goal is to do both right! I have started the week off right with a four mile walk yesterday and today.  I have made good choices at meal time and haven't snacked any at all.   Sunday and Monday have gone my way, so nose to the grindstone for the rest of the week.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grab a cup of joe

I'm afraid that coffee has become my new addiction.  It is what I turn to when I'm feeling emotional or sorry for myself.  Life has been very chaotic lately and I feel that I need to be "soothed" from time to time.  I don't have time for Calgon to take me away, so a cup of joe will have to do. 

In the evening after my workout and before the final chores have to be done, I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I feel like it is a real treat and no it doesn't keep me awake.  I'm so tired at night that falling asleep is not an issue with or without coffee.   

Last week I bought a package of Dunkin' Donuts strawberry shortcake coffee.  Let me tell you that is smells amazing and tastes great.  It made me feel like I was having a decadent dessert.  Also, I am using Coffee House's skinny caramel macchiato in my regular coffee.  Be sure not to use the full creamers because they can have a lot of fat. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back in the saddle

This week I was back in the saddle when it came to making better food choices.  Several evenings consisted of a healthy dinner such as crock pot lemon/garlic chicken breasts.  In fact now that I think about it, I only ate out once this week. 

On the downside, I missed three nights of working out.  I usually take Tuesday nights off now due to a hectic evening schedule.  My daughter takes gymnastics and my son plays basketball on Tuesdays.  I want to watch the practices, and it is always late when we get home.  So I made a deal with myself not to get too upset about losing Tuesday as a workout night.  In exchange, I now workout on Sunday night.  Then I also missed Wednesday's workout due to a severe headache.  You know the kind of headache that requires turning out all the lights and trying to eliminate all noise?  Blinding headache.  On Friday night, I worked the basketball concession stand at the high school where I teach.  My community service club had the concession for one of our fundraisers, so  once again, no exercise

So add up better eating but less workout and I got a minus .6 on the scale.  I was really hoping to lose a pound this week after the small gain last week.  Guess I will just have to get back in the saddle and hope for better progress next week. 

Image Detail

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Update

So bad news for my Saturday weigh in :(  I was up .2 and I blame snacking and my husband!  Ok, I will take responsibility for my actions.  However... my husband was off work last week, so we ate bigger meals.  He also has to eat a snack before bed so I often joined in with him.  But he is back to work this week so lighter dinners for me and no bedtime snack. 

I also had a couple of bad days for snacking at the end of the week.  I could blame that on PMS symptoms but again no one forced my hand.  It is so easy to come up with an excuse anytime. 

Well, I plan on being back on track this week!  However, "The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry." 

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Confession time

I suppose for this blog to help me learn and reflect during my weight loss it must be accurate.  So...it is time for a confession.  Yikes.  Ok, I was doing so good during my snack attack time for a week and a day.  I was eating a fiber one 90 calorie bar and it was enough to be satisfied until dinner was ready.

However, I took a nose dive on Tuesday.  I was having a craving for sweets so I had a three musketeer bar, a child's size crunch cone from DQ, dinner, and then (oh yes it goes on) a tootsie pop.  I thought for sure the grazing was over but then my husband popped some popcorn and I had to eat some.  Well, not had to eat it but I did :( 

On Wednesday I did much better.  I had the 90 calorie bar and a handful of almonds.  I'm hopeful that I am back on the wagon. 

Today, has been very stressful so I haven't had a snack or dinner.  Stress keeps me from being able to eat so we will see later about today's result.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Get Your Gear On!

I have found that if I immediately change out of my work  clothes and into my workout gear, I am more likely to exercise.  There is so much to do when I walk in the door.  I have to check the kids' homework, sign their homework sheets, and listen to their fun stories about school.  Pets need to be taken care of, dinner plans need to be started,  laundry put in the washer, and the list goes on...  You get the idea.

I'm so wiped out after a hard day at work and taking care of my family in the evening that I can easily find an excuse not to workout.  In the past, I would even say I was too tired to change clothes to workout.  Pathetic -  I know. 

I have taken one of those excuses out of the equation by changing my clothes first thing.  Then I take care of everyone else.  It is several hours later before I actually workout but having the gear on makes it easier to get moving.  Get your gear on!

Friday, January 27, 2012


Update on the snacking issue:  big improvements this week!  Each day I had only ONE healthy afternoon snack.  After work and before dinner is ready, is the hardest time of the day for me.  I am finally getting snacking back under control this week. 

This is what I had each day: a fiber one 90 calorie bar and a bottle of water on my drive home from work.  By the time I made it home, I wasn't feeling that hungry.  Keep your fingers crossed that I can stay on track next week.  Just take it one day at a time!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Achilles' Heel

My Achilles' heel for weight loss has been afternoon snacks. Since the age of five, I have been a student, teacher, or both.  I always think that an after school snack is a necessity.  For awhile I was sticking to just one, healthy, afternoon snack but lately I have been eating too many snacks.   By the time I get home, I am ravenously hungry. There is so much to do between getting home from work and actually making dinner. Lately, I have found myself overeating during that time between getting home from work and setting down to the dinner table.

I had a friend once tell me, "let the food do its job." This is what she meant:  don't keep eating until you are stuffed.  The food needs time to work and tell your brain that you have eaten enough. I am letting my hunger get out of control in the afternoon, and I keep getting several small snacks in order to feel quickly satisfied. 

My goal this week is to have ONE healthy snack during this time.  I am going to  be sure to drink a bottle or two of water while I'm waiting for the food "to do its job."  I usually reward myself with a diet coke after work but I will now wait until dinner to drink it.  I really think the soda adds to the hunger issue. 

I've also prepared a list of acceptable snacks: a handful of almonds ( a personal favorite), Fiber One 90 calorie bars, a serving of Cheerios, a serving of cold-cut turkey, or a piece of string cheese. 

Any comments on healthy snacking is appreciated :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

One bad choice doesn't have to lead to another

Usually, once I make one bad food choice it leads to another bad choice: not to exercise.  Tonight was a test of breaking that habit.  My husband and kids really wanted to eat Chinese food which for me is a bad choice.  I love the food at our local Chinese restaurant but not anything on the menu that is healthy.  The kids and I like to split the orange chicken dish three ways.  You know that is still a lot of food at these restaurants. 

Ok, so I made a bad food choice and I was already thinking that I might as well skip working out.  I had blown the day, right?  I was flip-flopping the choice in my head on the drive home.  I ate way too many calories, so why bother.

But...after much debate in my head I decided to workout.  Yes, I made a bad food choice but that didn't mean I had to make another bad choice.  It took a strong pep talk from myself to change into my workout clothes and just do it!  I was so proud of myself for making a good choice that I stepped up the intensity of my workout  :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep moving

Two things that I want to keep moving: my weight (downwards of course) and my body.  I finally broke through my weight plateau and lost a pound this week.  I was staying the same throughout the holidays.  I guess that is ok since holiday eating is such a challenge.  I am hopeful that my weight will now keep moving in the right direction. 

Item #2 to keep moving:   my body.  I can get easily bored with a specific  workout so I have to keep changing it up.  Today I walked four miles outside.  My son rode his bike next to me, so I fit in a workout and quality time with him too.  This winter I am using my Wii fit board,  Biggest Loser DVD, and yoga to stay active.  I will always prefer to do a fast walk outside when weather and time permits. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Please Don't Pass the Bread

One old habit that has been very difficult for me to break is saying no to bread.  I mean the basket that comes out at almost every restaurant before the meal is served.  In the past I would have definitely eaten a piece or two.  One major weakness: breadsticks at the Olive Garden. We don't live near the restaurant so getting to eat there is always a treat.  Surely that means that I deserve to have one, right?

Yesterday, I passed on the breadsticks at Olive Garden.  It wasn't easy.    The bread looked and smelled delicious!  However, I've been trying to reset my brain when it comes to bread: I don't need it because my meal is plenty to make me feel full.  I was actually finishing my meal when I realized that I hadn't picked up a breadstick.  Score one for me!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Biggest Loser DVD

I finally had a chance to work through my new Biggest Loser DVD workout. Ouch!  There were many former contestants doing the exercises with the three trainers.  I thought if they can do it so can I!  Well, I did it and now I hurt. 

Seriously, my leg muscles are still burning.  I would say the best benefit from the DVD was the lower body workout.  What is the old saying about exercise, if it is burning/hurting then it is working.  I hope to see some positive results on weigh in day this weekend :)

Keep moving,

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is it really just a number?

A friend and I just had a conversation about how important it is or isn't when it comes to one's weight.  Is it really just a number?   I think it is important to know "the number" but also not let it define your day.  I have been in both places: not caring and being obsessed. 

Not caring can lead to too much weight gain.  There can be many excuses for not weighing: too busy, bad food choices, not exercising enough, not wanting to be disappointed and the list goes on...  I have found for myself that not weighing means I usually feel guilty about my food and exercise choices.  That is why I am making myself weigh every Saturday morning.  Once a week allows for accountability without getting stressed every morning about "that number."

On the other side, I can also be too obsessed with the number.  In the past, I would let that number define how I felt about myself for the day.  I try not to get that caught up in the number anymore.

 My friend and I concluded that weighing is good for accountability but NO we are not just a number. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Still on My Journey

I have decided to start a blog to keep myself motivated on my weight loss journey. During the last year, I have lost 75 pounds.  I want to stay active and pick up some other forms of exercise.

My preference is to walk outdoors, but during the winter that isn't always possible.  It felt great to walk today after being hit hard with the flu bug this week.  My dog, Noel, and I hit four miles today!

I do use the Wii fit board a lot when it is too cold outside.  Today, I purchased one of the DVDs for "Biggest Loser."  It is important to just keep moving.