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Friday, May 31, 2013

Summer break

 Life has been so busy that I have neglected my blog.  As far as my weight goes, it has really stayed the same.  I'm working at changing that as soon as possible.   My last day of work until August was yesterday, so I can now spend more time on me.  I'm guilty of always putting myself last on the "to-do" list like all other moms/women out there. 

Summer means more cooking and trying out new, healthy recipes.  I've been saving new recipes to try out for the family.  I'm so lucky that my kids love almost all vegetables and fruits.  They are great about trying new recipes. 

We have been experiencing some severe weather in our area the last few days, and I'm so ready for it to clear up.  I did manage to get in some walking but not enough.  I am determined to make time for walking plenty of miles outdoors.

My family stays very busy during the summer with baseball, softball, gymnastics, dance, and other activities, but I'm glad the kids enjoy so many physical activities.  I wish I would have done more physical sports as a child.