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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Heat Wave Claims Weigh-In Day

Where I live the daily temperature has been averaging around 105 degrees this week and next week looks to be about the same.  I have used the heat as an excuse not to workout.  Yes, I could have done an indoor workout but my head said "you walk during the summer - outdoors."  So I would convince myself that it was too hot and dangerous to walk outdoors.

I could have gotten up at 5:30 a.m. to walk since the heat isn't dangerous then, and there would be someone at home to watch the kids.  I even set my alarm one day at 5:00 a.m. and promptly hit the snooze button when it went off.  I was just too tired to get up that early.  I exercised only  two times this week.

So after a week of neglecting my  workouts, I gained three pounds!  What?!?  I couldn't believe the scale this morning.  This is the most weight I have gained in a week's time in over two years.  Now there are other excuses to throw into this week's gain but just not wanting to workout is the #1 excuse. 

My plan this week is to battle the heat with determination.  I will get up at 5:30 a.m. to walk or do an indoor workout EVERY DAY this week!  My goal is to exercise every day even if it is a brief 30 minute workout. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Activities

My daughter and I getting ready to head out to our fields to pick blackberries :)

It has been nice to feel like doing extra summer activities.  My whole family went out to pick blackberries on our property.  We have lived in this home for eight years, and I had never  picked the berries.  Why?  When I was extrememly overweight, there was always an excuse.  It was too hot or really I just didn't want the extra work.  It was too easy to feel worn out or hot with all the extra weight.

I mentioned in the last post about visiting an amusement park and actually enjoying myself, so I'm feeling the same way about other extra activities.  My children play baseball and softball, so I always endured the heat for them.  This year I've made it to my niece's games too.  I don't worry about the heat or having to walk far to the fields.

It has been a feeling of freedom.  If someone mentions an extra activity during the summer, I am up for the challenge!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Afraid of Amusement Parks

I can remember being scared to death of amusement rides when I was heavier.  There was always that worry that the belt wouldn't fit or the bar that comes down would be too tight.  I would hold my breath and just imagine what if the worse scenario happens:  everyone would know I was too big for the ride. 

When my kids were little, I would make my husband ride the big rides that I didn't want them to go on alone.  The reason: my weight.  I also felt guilty about not riding with them and felt like my husband was the one getting to make those special memories. 

Yesterday, my family went to an amusement park!  I had no trouble walking all  day, riding rides, or participating in water park rides.  It felt great!  My husband is scared of heights, so I had to ride all the "scary" rides with my son.  I was so happy that I could do that for him.  

I don't want to forget that feeling of being proud of myself because it helps my kids the most.  I get to have so much fun with them :)  Use whatever motivates you to be a healthier, active person.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Must Start Measuring

I really don't want to, but I need to start measuring.  I see measuring as being too strict with how much one eats.   It seems so restrictive.  However, it has been important to me to eat healthy food and small portions to lose weight.

On the flip side, I've not been real strict with measuring or calling my lifestyle change a "diet."  In my past a "diet" always equaled failure within a few months.  This time around I decided it would be a lifestyle change and I wouldn't go overboard with "diet" rules like measuring out food.  I did mention smaller portions and that has been important in my weight loss.  I've also been practicing leaving behind some food on my plate.  No more happy plates for me :)

But... I have noticed some splurges  need to be cut back through measuring.  For example: what is a serving of fat free sorbet?  Oh, it is fat free so I'll take a bowl!  Sadly enough a bowl is three servings.  My major realization this week was with the cream I put in my coffee.  I'm a weird nighttime coffee drinker.  No, it doesn't keep me up.  And I like a little coffee with my cream.  So I said aloud to my mom, I wonder if I'm using the 1T that is a serving.  1T is 35 calories and 3g of fat.  Oh, I'm certain I just put in a tablespoon.  The more I thought about it the more certain I was that a measurement was needed.  So I decided to have a second cup of coffee and this time measure out 1T of cream.  Well, I was using way more than 1T.  It was more like 2T and that amount of fat really adds up with two cups of coffee.  I need to be more mindful of measurements.  My new goal is to work on serving size/measurements during my summer break. Then if I get to where I can eyeball the servings,  the measuring cups can go back in the cupboard. 

Monday, June 11, 2012

Time for a salad shake-up

During the school year, I stay on "salad boot camp."  I have a dear friend at work that follows along during "boot camp."  Everyday (M-F) we eat a salad, fat free yogurt, and drink our water like good salad soldiers :).  I contemplated a different plan for summer break but really just enjoy my salad at lunch. It is such an easy way to save calories for dinner.   I do go out to eat more often during the break, so boot camp doesn't always last all week.

However, it's time to shake-up my salads. I love to eat salad anytime of the year, but summer provides an opportunity for new ingredients. Once in awhile I do get bored with the plain, everyday vegetable salad. I'm on the lookout for some new spins on my favorite meal for lunch.

Picture is from recipegirl.com

This is my next salad adventure: watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, and feta cheese salad!  It is a spin from a local restaurant.  I had this salad a few weeks ago but have been able to decide on the dressing the restaurant had used, so after some searching on-line I am going with a low fat version.
Start with a bed of greens, add the fruit and feta cheese, sprinkle with the crunchy Chinese noodles (optional), and then use a dressing made with white wine vinegar, mint, lime/lemon juice, and EVOO.  The dressing isn't exact from Recipegirl.com but it would be my version of the dressing. 

Anyone else have ideas about the dressing?  Also, any healthy salad recipes would be appreciated too :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Derailed by the Dairy Queen and Other Fabulous Outings

Hmmm, I know I just posted about summer being easier for weight loss but somehow I forgot about the Dairy Queen.  My son and daughter both play baseball/softball and guess where they want to stop after every game?  You guessed it.  I too have a soft spot for ice cream - specifically DQ ice cream.  Oh no, frozen grocery store ice cream will never do for me. 

So we had THREE trips to DQ this week.  A killer on the scale.  I gained 1.5 pounds (insert sad face) this week.  I allow myself ONE trip to DQ per week and it is usually on Saturday or Sunday so I can work it off throughout the week.  I am a Saturday morning weigher.  Must reset brain concerning DQ: only one trip per week.  "I can order for others but not myself."  I must practice repeating that sentence to myself if I wind up there more than once a week. 

Other fabulous outings included: trying a new Italian restaurant with my family, a girls day out with my sister which included a favorite cafe, and one more restaurant with good friends.  I really do try to  limit myself to one restaurant meal per week.  Really.  Ok, so this week was an epic fail at that goal, but I shall try harder next week to limit those trips.  However, I could have made better food choices at all those meals.  I can't let every trip be a splurge. 

I am planning ahead for a an outing with friends next week.  We are trying a new bistro and I have checked out the menu in advance.  I saw some great, healthy salads but no fat free or low fat dressing, so I will bring my own.  Hope not to embarrass my friends when I whip out the fat free dressing :) 

One disclaimer: the eating out with friends this week did include a three mile walk after the meal.  This is a good step.  Catching up with friends or family usually involves a favorite restaurant, so there is a guilty feeling afterwards.  However, I felt no guilt yesterday since we ended up walking after the meal. I hope to incorporate that into more of my social outings.  Yes, we can eat but then let's go exercise :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Longer Looking for Excuses

I worked out a bit too much this weekend and pulled a muscle.  I was trying to convince myself on Monday that it was okay to workout.  I tried playing baseball first with my kids and every time I bent down, my muscle would scream in agony!  I was determined to get in some exercise so I kept pushing myself.  By the end of the day, I was pretty much beat up and applying  icy/hot therapy.  I had to admit that I wasn't in any shape to workout and that pushing myself only made the injury worse.  Today I am feeling much better but still not 100%.  I am going to do some light workouts but not anything too intense.

The title for this post came from my reflection on how my attitude has changed toward exercise.  It was only two years ago that I would have looked for ANY excuse not to workout.  I was  too tired, had a headache, had too much to do and the list goes on...   It didn't take much to deter me from exercising.  I could justify just about any excuse in my head. 

It is interesting how time and hard work have changed my attitude.  I now workout too much sometimes and have to accept that my body needs to rest.  Really never thought that sentence would  come out of my mouth!   I didn't start out full force with walking but just a mile here and there.  That lead to two miles 3-4 times a week and then 4 miles 5-6 times a week.  I then started to add yoga, step aerobics, bike riding, and light weights.  It took a lot of time and hard work to get to my new and improved attitude :)