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Friday, May 25, 2012

Time for a Ride

This is my birthday present! I am so excited to have a bike again after 15 years.  I was so nervous getting back on a bike. When I was young, I rode my bike all the time.  Then in college I would go on long distance rides, but I soon got out of the habit of working out and riding. My son said he could teach me to ride a bike :)  I  replied that I knew how to ride but I was rusty. 

I started off small by just riding around the yard and then just down to our property line.  Each day I was building up my confidence to take off!  By the third day, I was ready to go the distance.  It was only a couple of miles, but those miles took away my doubts.  I could still ride a bike! 

I think we all get "rusty" when it comes to  healthy eating and working out from time to time.  However, we must get back on the bike and find our focus/goal.  Sometimes we just need a reminder or possibly a push from a friend or family member.  Here's me giving you a cyber push to get back to whatever workout you enjoy :)

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  1. I know you will enjoy it! I like to ride on my neighborhood roads - I feel like I cover so much ground.