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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Time for Training

The last week has been totally crazy! My mom was back in the hospital again.  However, I think her problem has finally been figured out, and we can get busy managing the issue.  She is my best friend, and I just wasn't myself this week. 

This week I was only able to walk once.  Did I mention I'm walking a 10K in two weeks!  Yikes!  It is time for some serious training.  I'm used to walking four miles but six will be a little harder.  I said that more mileage was headed my way for training, but in actuality I've been walking much less. Here's to hoping that my family life will be "normal," and I can get back to my workouts. 

Life is always throwing curve balls. I just need to do better about handling the curves and unexpected things in life.  There were days I could have done some indoor workouts;however,  I was just emotionally drained and couldn't push myself. 

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