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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Where to find healthy tips

My newest way to waste time is Pinterest, http://pinterest.com  Yes, laundry needs to be done and several other household chores, but I can't seem to ignore the calling of "pinning" something. 

There are some really good ideas for workouts on the site.  I've been following Shape and several other sources for maximizing my workout time.  It seems that a lot of the fitness tips revolve around running. I did add some light jogging to my walks, but I just can't make that commitment to become a "real" runner.

Then there are all the recipes.  I've noticed that some of the healthy recipes are listed under fitness and health instead of food and drink.  I have found some good boards to follow.  It gets boring eating the same recipes for dinner each week.  I'll try to get around to making a new recipe from the site for dinner this week and share it here. 

There is one warning about the site:  late at night I get hungry looking at all the good food!  Not all the recipes are healthy and there are so many dessert recipes that it can be a temptation.  I've learned not to peruse the site when I'm hungry or it is really late at night. 

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