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Saturday, July 6, 2013

What To Do With The Candy Bowl

I had never noticed how many candy bowls we had sitting around our house until recently.  We had one in our living room, dining room, and two in our kitchen. Wow!  No one needs that many candy bowls.  As I have been on my weight loss journey, the number of bowls have gone down. First, I got rid of the bowl in the living room.  I made an early rule of no mindless snacking at night while watching television.  That was a major problem of mine early on in my journey.

Next, went the second bowl in the kitchen.  Really, two candy bowls in the kitchen!  I have no words for this or how this even came about in my life.  We do still have a bowl in the kitchen that my kids and husband use for their treats; however, I avoid eye contact with that bowl when I walk by it :)

Just recently, I was wondering what to do with the empty candy bowl from the dining room, so my mom offered to take it to her work.  Then this weekend as we were making fruit salad for a swimming party, we had this idea:
The candy bowl was converted into a bowl for a healthy dessert. The fruit salad was a big hit at the swimming party, and the bowl made an excellent presentation.   Kids and adults alike both enjoyed the dessert.


  1. I can't have even one candy bowl in the house! Cute idea with the bowls.

  2. That's a great use for candy bowls! We don't have any candy bowls left either. That would be dangerous for me!

  3. :) looks like a good way to treat a candy bowl :)