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Monday, July 1, 2013

A Week of Celebrations and Healing

I took a week off  from walking to let my ankle heal completely.  It just wasn't getting any better and the pain was slowing me down too much.  The decision to take it easy was difficult to make but necessary.  I did some arm workouts and crunches but that was it.  I'm happy to report this morning that my ankle is feeling 100% better.  Last night, I took a fast, short two mile walk.  It felt amazing to get back at it.  I would have walked farther but the rain was right on my tail :)  We have been getting afternoon rain and storms every day for the last several days and the next few days look to be the same.  The one good thing about the cloudy, rainy weather is the temperatures.  It has been around the high 70s which is very unusual for our area in late June/ early July.  It makes exercising outdoors so much easier. I'm looking forward to hitting the dusty trails out here :) 

I did a bit too much celebrating with friends and family this week.  I traveled with some friends from work to another state for shopping and eating out to our favorite restaurant.  It is a bit too girly for our husbands, so we always eat there when we travel.  I had a salad but it had too many treats in it to be considered healthy. Then I ate out with my sister and caught up with her. She had been in Savannah, GA for nine days,  and we needed to do some visiting.  Yes, I know food doesn't have to be involved in visiting but it was this time.  We had a great time and I loved hearing about her missionary trip with her junior high youth group she directs. 

With a week off from walking and too many meals out at restaurants, I went up .6 of a pound.  I did try to make some healthy choices to balance the meals out.  On the days I had a meal out, my other meal was a healthy salad at home.  I also passed on several baked goods at home and desserts offered at the restaurants.  My friends on the trip ordered double doozy cookies at the mall and I passed on that eating experience.  I did order an ice from dippin' dots instead at the end of the day for a treat.  So I did splurge some last week but tried hard to do some balancing as well. 

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