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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Back to Work I Go

Well, today is my last day at home with the kids.  I go back to work tomorrow, and they start school on Monday.  Just have to ask where did the summer go?  Seriously.  June went by in the blink of an eye with their baseball and softball schedules being so hectic. I thought for sure our schedules would slow down for July but no luck there either.  Now it is August and  time to get back on my work schedule. 

When it comes to weight loss, there are pros and cons to being back at work.

I have a better sleep pattern.
Snacking during the day is out of the question.
I do salad boot camp for lunch every day.

I have a hard time fitting in exercise sessions after work.
When I get home from work I am starving, this can lead to bad food choices before dinner is ready.
Planning ahead for healthy dinners.

I'm going to have to challenge myself to find time to walk and exercise during the first two weeks back to work.  I'm a teacher and those first couple of weeks back are tough!  There are many late evenings throughout the year, but  those first few weeks we return in August make each day lengthy and challenging.  It will all settle down right around the Labor day holiday. 

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  1. Wow you guys start school early! We don't start till the beginning if September. I am sure you will get back into the swing of things in no time! Your a troop. Have a good weekend :).