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Friday, July 20, 2012

On the Omega 3 Bandwagon

It seems like everywhere I turn someone is talking or writing about Omega 3 and its value for weight loss.  I declined getting on the bandwagon in the beginning. However,   I have eaten tuna and grilled salmon for quite some time without realizing they are a super omega 3 source.

During the summer I am able to devote more time to researching weight loss and health.  I've read so many articles stating that Omega 3 rich food and supplements aid in health and weight loss - especially belly fat.  I didn't realize that even my own mother was taking an Omega 3 supplement.  She claims that it helps to keep her cholesterol under control.  No research - just mom's viewpoint :) 

So... I decided to aid my intake of Omega 3 by adding a supplement.  I will say that the only thing I have noticed is that the supplement makes me burp - yuck.  However, I hope the supplement is positive in the long run.  I did notice at the store that there is a burp free version of the supplement.

I would recommend any comments or viewpoints on taking Omega 3 supplements.

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  1. Omega-3's are really important. My hubby's doctor has him take those instead of prescription meds for his cholesterol. I get mine from flax or algae (which aren't as good as fish) because I'm allergic.