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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hanging In

Well, my plan to exercise every day last week was almost reached.  I missed one day due to a yard sale.  I justified missing that day with all the work I did in setting up for the sale.  Yes, I know by using the word justified I really mean an excuse :) 
I indulged WAY too much during the 4th of July activities.  My sister makes amazing zucchini spice bread and I had several slices.  And for my followers you know I rarely eat any bread.  So I weighed in after all that good food and I was up another pound!  It was enough to kick my rear in gear and get that pound off before my "official" weigh in day. 

I even walked in a record 106 degree day during the evening. I figured if I could sit outside in 106 degree weather for six hours of a yard sale, I could walk four miles out in it that evening.  Both Friday and Saturday of my yard sale were record heat days!  What was I thinking?  

On to a better week and another goal of getting some form of exercise every day.  One week I will make my goal friends :)  Now I have to work on those three pounds that I'm still up...

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  1. I think that six days of exercise is a victory! I take one of the weekend days off depending on my schedule. You are doing a great job!