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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Suggested Serving Size

There will be so many New Year's resolutions made and broken for a lot of us.  I am going to focus on two: exercise  and serving size of my food. 

1) Exercise: I need to just do it.  No more excuses about being too busy or blaming the holiday rush for not finding the time.  Starting tomorrow I will exercise at least five days a week.  During the winter I struggle with exercise. 

As my blog title states, I've been walking off the weight.  My absolute favorite form of exercise is speed walking with a bit of jogging tossed in for good measure.  I do have a treadmill but just abhor it.  I want to be outdoors when I get my exercise.  I get to do something great for my body and enjoying nature is good for my mind.  I do have a wii fit system and several workout DVDs in my arsenal for burning fat.  Again, I just don't get excited and look forward to those forms of exercise like I do my daily walk.  When I'm working it is dark by the time I get home and right now we have a foot and a half of snow on the ground.   So no walking right now for me.  That means it is time to step up to the plate and get in some other form of exercise. 

2) Serving sizes of food: I do "cheat" on serving sizes from time to time.  I think this "looks" like a 1/4 cup or whatever the suggested serving size is for the nutrition information.  I need to be mindful of the serving size and limit myself to that amount.  I hate taking the time to measure out a serving of food, but I need to start doing it now.

I may just measure the food I know is tempting for me.  There are certain foods that I will "eyeball" the amount because I don't really want to be limited in how much I eat.  For example, I really love Special K chocolate delight cereal.  I mean really love it.  I say I don't have time to measure it in the morning but really I want to pour in as much as I want that day.  Time to buckle down on serving sizes.

I think if I focus on exercising and measuring my food this year, I will be able to reach my weight loss goal. 


  1. Serving sizes are so tricky because who but the person eating it really knows if you are sticking to it or not? It is so easy to just add a little scoop of this or a dollop of that!

    You can totally meet your goals this year!!

  2. Im still stunned by serving sizes of cereal VS what we would "naturally" put in a bowl...


  3. Ladies, I agree that the serving size is so tricky if one does not measure.

  4. I use a small digital scale and it makes measuring SO much easier. It just lives on the counter and I put my bowl on it and then pour in the cereal until I get to 39 grams. I also feel better knowing I'm not guessing how full to get the 1 cup measuring cup :) I use it for my coffee creamer everyday too, and then other things here and there. It's also great for measuring out dry pasta before I make dinner. 2 oz per person is a good estimate.