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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Temptations

There are so many holiday temptations.  There have been work and friend parties, family parties to come, and if that weren't enough my husband's birthday party.  I have been trying to convince him for the last 16 years to please move his birthday away from Christmas celebrations, but he just won't do it.  That equals countless extra calories. Ok, so they could be counted but I have decided not to this week.  I am using self-control to just have a small helping or single treat from all the extra food.

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I have several friends that have brought me "treats" for Christmas.  One even said,"I know you won't eat these but take them home to your family."  Umm...I live with my family and it is just another temptation.  So far here is my total for Christmas treats: two pieces of peanut butter fudge, a homemade tag-along cookie, and half of a snicker doodle cookie.  I'm hanging strong at this point.  I have passed on several other offers, and my own baking and candy making. 

However, I feel like I have hit my limit on indulgences and I still have five more days to go!  It is time to get tough and buckle down on extra calories.  I'm thinking since I'm off work until Jan. 02, I could start working out twice a day.  I've been a slacker in that department too. 


  1. You can totally can to this! Twice a day sounds like an amazing idea! Merry Christmas Liz :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you Joy and may the temptations stay away!