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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Run It Out!

"Run it out," is something I often yell to my kids after they hit the ball and try to make it on first base.  Well, on Friday night the phrase was switched on me.  My daughter's softball team has been struggling with tagging the bases when there are runners headed their way, so the assistant coach asked for some volunteers to run bases. My son and I volunteered to run the bases after an adult would hit the ball: over and over and over.  We ended up running the bases for about 20-30 minutes!  My daughter loved trying to get her momma out :)  I think she got a little too much enjoyment out of it.  This ended up being an excellent workout. 

There is a walking track at the ball pavilion and I had walked almost a mile when the coach asked me to run bases for the practice.  When we got home that evening my son kept talking about how much fun it was to keep running the bases over and over.  What!?!  I just wanted to find the liquid Advil in the cabinet.  I walk a lot but I am not a runner.  I've done some light jogging from time to time but nothing intense and lengthy like Friday night.  Let me tell you about how sore I was Saturday morning.  Parts of my legs hurt that I hadn't even felt in years!  It was  a good hurt though.  I hadn't challenged my body that way in a very long time.

I did get in several good workouts throughout the week.  My weigh in on Saturday was much better than last week's pound gain. This week I was down three pounds!  That is a  big loss for me.  I hope to keep up the exercising and healthy eating this week too. 


  1. Congratulations on the 3 pound loss and on running those bases for so long. You are right about running using different muscles than walking. I can tell a big difference although I am primarily a walker.

  2. Good for you for challenging your body. It looks like you had a fun day :). 3 pounds!! Way to go ! Ps. I missed reading your blog when you were away I'm glad you are back :).

  3. Thanks Joy :) I have a hard time when school is in session keeping up with everything. I am trying hard to balance it all.