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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Story of Two Butterflies

You know the old saying that a picture can say a 1,000 words?  Well, here is a story of two butterflies, actually it is the same butterfly, it just looks different in each picture.  In one picture it is hard to even see the bench.  It was hard for me to look back at this picture to be honest.  However, I must be honest with myself and not forget how much work it has taken to get to this point in life. 

The location of this bench is at Patti's in KY.  It is a favorite restaurant of ours with quaint shops and antique stores dotting the street and grounds where the restaurant is located.  It is an 1880's settlement with several tourist attractions that keep us returning each year along with their delicious food.

I always order the same item: Southwestern grilled chicken salad.  It sounds healthy enough, right?  But as many of us know, restaurant salads can be sneaky by packing on the calories and being three times too big!  When I first ordered the salad there, I would smother it with their homemade dressing: avocado ranch with guacamole.  Then I would first eat the homemade tortilla chips surrounding the salad.   Finally, I would start on the healthiest part.  As the years went by I changed the way I ate the salad, dressing on the side please and I would just eat a bit.  I would just eat one or two of the homemade tortilla chips and focus on the greens and grilled chicken for my meal.  As my weight loss continued, I sharpened my skills at being able to eat out and not completely blow my hard work from all my other good choices.  I still flub from time to time (like the DQ basket in my last post) when it comes to ordering and eating out. 

Deep breath...

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  1. What a sweet story!! You have come so far you should be proud of yourself :)

  2. What a lovely post and absolutely fabulous pictures! You are like a butterfly emerging!