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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Making good choices even on "cheat" day

I've been trying to cut back on my "cheat" day which happens to be Saturday. I weigh myself every Saturday morning, and then allow myself some treats and eating out.  However, I don't get a lot of satisfaction out of sabotaging my diet. I always feel guilty and mumble about making bad choices. 

My doctor had mentioned that a "cheat" day was actually a good idea in a way. It keeps my body from getting used to a certain amount of calories and can shake up my system.  She cautioned from going overboard or going over one day of indulgence.  I really think my brain goes into this guilty mode when I make too many bad choices, so I find myself not enjoying the cheat day as much as I did in the past. 

My husband wanted to eat out Saturday night at Applebee's so as we headed to town, I was already thinking about how much cheating I wanted to do.  Did I want to go all out and order my favorite orange chicken bowl which is a calorie buster or order off the Weight Watchers menu there.  I didn't decide until it was time to order.   I ordered the Cabernet Mushroom Sirloin from the under 550 calories Weight Watchers menu.  I enjoyed my meal and didn't feel terrible when we walked out of the restaurant.  No guilt, shame, or mumbling about having to get back on track tomorrow. 

I will still save that special treat for Saturday, but I no longer want to blow the whole day with bad food choices.

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  1. I think the cheat day is much overrated and can be difficult to control. At least it would be for me. I like your idea of having one special treat rather than a whole day. Much healthier because that's how you will live in maintenance - an occasional treat, but not entire days of treats! Great job.