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Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday fact check

So this is my Friday fact check:  I'm just reviewing my week before my weigh-in day tomorrow. 

Fact #1: I have logged in 20 miles of walking and light jogging combined this week, and I did the Ab lounger for five days.
Fact#2: I did my salad boot camp all this week with the exception of today.
Fact#3: I ate a healthy dinner every night this week.
Fact#4 Snacking and craving unhealthy snacks is over! Thank goodness!
Fact#5: My lunch today (see fact #2) was a terrible but delicious choice - Chinese food....sigh...I know why couldn't I wait until tomorrow during my cheat meal.  In my defense, it was a get together with a family member that I know loves to eat Chinese food, so I was just being nice.  I know lame excuse!

So even though I didn't make good food choices today, I'm hoping all of my other hard work will pay off.  When I weigh-in tomorrow, I expect to see at least a small loss. 


  1. Wow you should be proud of yourself. You did a lot of great healthy things for yourself. 20 miles in a week is a lot and all the healhy food you had. I think as women we tend to focus on the negative (fact 5) instead of focusing on all the positive things. Sounds like a great week to me :)

  2. Thanks! I think you are right about women often focusing on the negative. I often ask what did I do wrong instead of what did I do right this week to lose weight.

  3. Great work! I love chinese food! I know it's terrible for me, but I have some occasionally anyway. Everything in moderation, right? Doing 4/5 of the week right sure sounds like a success to me.