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Thursday, January 31, 2013

I'm Rolling

Just wanted to do a check-in on my exercise this week.  I had lost my groove when it came to workouts this month.  After much reflection about my chaotic life, I decided that no matter what I would make at least three workouts.  Well...it is Thursday and I already have three in for the week. 

I'm not doing my favorite form of exercise but that's ok.  At least I'm moving and burning some calories.  I've done step aerobics and yoga this week.  One night I was feeling exhausted and thought I can skip tonight and still make three workouts, but my daughter said, "Is it time to exercise yet?"  Yes. Yes,  it was time to exercise!  I finished up a chore and got busy with step aerobics. 

On a side note, my eating has been great this week.  I'm staying under calorie and keeping my night snack to a piece of fruit.  Evening snacks are my biggest enemy especially during the winter.  During the warmer months, we stay outside for several hours during the evening, so there is little downtime before bed.  That equals less grazing for a snack(s) before bed.  When it gets dark so early, that means there is a lot more time in the house.  For me that means more time to be tempted to make my way to the kitchen. 

I hope to stay rolling and moving toward my goals.  Still haven't decided about a gym just yet...


  1. We all have such weeks..I went three weeks w/o exercising just watching what I eat!
    It will get ok, keep the faith.

  2. kudos to you! I swear when my workouts slow down I think my eating gets worse, which is really horrible timing!

  3. You are doing a smart thing to just keep doing the right things even if you aren't always "feeling" it