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Friday, January 25, 2013


I had a late night conference at work last night.  My supervisor bought pizza for everyone.  By the time I had a chance to eat, the pizza was cold and overcooked to top it off.  As I ate a few square of it, I already knew that it wasn't satisfying.  It didn't really taste good and I knew that it wasn't going to satisfy my brain for my dinner.

My question is this: why did I continue to eat it when I knew it wasn't satisfying or enjoyable to eat?  Do you ever find yourself eating something that isn't even good or what you want to eat?  I had this conversation with a co-worker today and she said the same thing. The pizza was cold and didn't taste good so she went home to eat some more. Me too!  I found myself eating Hickory Farms sausage and cheese with my husband.  Normally, I wouldn't eat  a high fat snack at night.  However,  I felt "cheated" at dinner.  I was looking for something to satisfy my brain.  I wasn't real hungry but felt like I needed a snack before bed.  I ended up overeating and surpassing my calories for sure.

Lesson learned: if it doesn't taste good or it isn't want I want to eat, just say no.


  1. That is great lesson to learn. And yes I have done the same thing too! I am still learning that lesson lol

  2. I have been in 'that' situation too many a times to tell.
    I hope I remember the lesson learnt fact, when I face a similar situation again! :(