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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Grab a cup of joe

I'm afraid that coffee has become my new addiction.  It is what I turn to when I'm feeling emotional or sorry for myself.  Life has been very chaotic lately and I feel that I need to be "soothed" from time to time.  I don't have time for Calgon to take me away, so a cup of joe will have to do. 

In the evening after my workout and before the final chores have to be done, I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  I feel like it is a real treat and no it doesn't keep me awake.  I'm so tired at night that falling asleep is not an issue with or without coffee.   

Last week I bought a package of Dunkin' Donuts strawberry shortcake coffee.  Let me tell you that is smells amazing and tastes great.  It made me feel like I was having a decadent dessert.  Also, I am using Coffee House's skinny caramel macchiato in my regular coffee.  Be sure not to use the full creamers because they can have a lot of fat. 

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