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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I got the Whammy!

Bad news this morning folks.  I got the whammy on the scales :( 

I knew bad news was on its way, but fingers were crossed.  We have gone on three road trips that consisted of our favorite restaurants.  I mean three really big meals.  I felt miserably full after each one knowing that I had overeaten.  But all three restaurants are places we rarely get to go to.  I thought well it just happens once in awhile to eat at "this" place but ...that happened three times in one week. 

So I am up one pound and disappointed in myself.  I will have to buckle down this week to lose that pound and try to lose more.  My resolution this week is to eat out only one time.  And if I have to eat out more than that not to splurge like I did this week. 

I will try my best to keep the whammy off the scale Start over when I must...

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  1. I remember that show with the Whammy! Don't beat yourself up over 1 pound. You know that can come off very, very quickly!!