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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Derailed by the Dairy Queen and Other Fabulous Outings

Hmmm, I know I just posted about summer being easier for weight loss but somehow I forgot about the Dairy Queen.  My son and daughter both play baseball/softball and guess where they want to stop after every game?  You guessed it.  I too have a soft spot for ice cream - specifically DQ ice cream.  Oh no, frozen grocery store ice cream will never do for me. 

So we had THREE trips to DQ this week.  A killer on the scale.  I gained 1.5 pounds (insert sad face) this week.  I allow myself ONE trip to DQ per week and it is usually on Saturday or Sunday so I can work it off throughout the week.  I am a Saturday morning weigher.  Must reset brain concerning DQ: only one trip per week.  "I can order for others but not myself."  I must practice repeating that sentence to myself if I wind up there more than once a week. 

Other fabulous outings included: trying a new Italian restaurant with my family, a girls day out with my sister which included a favorite cafe, and one more restaurant with good friends.  I really do try to  limit myself to one restaurant meal per week.  Really.  Ok, so this week was an epic fail at that goal, but I shall try harder next week to limit those trips.  However, I could have made better food choices at all those meals.  I can't let every trip be a splurge. 

I am planning ahead for a an outing with friends next week.  We are trying a new bistro and I have checked out the menu in advance.  I saw some great, healthy salads but no fat free or low fat dressing, so I will bring my own.  Hope not to embarrass my friends when I whip out the fat free dressing :) 

One disclaimer: the eating out with friends this week did include a three mile walk after the meal.  This is a good step.  Catching up with friends or family usually involves a favorite restaurant, so there is a guilty feeling afterwards.  However, I felt no guilt yesterday since we ended up walking after the meal. I hope to incorporate that into more of my social outings.  Yes, we can eat but then let's go exercise :)

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  1. Eating out can make it so hard and when you add a few DQ trips, well, I know what would happen to me! Glad you got some good exercise in. Hope you have a great week.