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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Activities

My daughter and I getting ready to head out to our fields to pick blackberries :)

It has been nice to feel like doing extra summer activities.  My whole family went out to pick blackberries on our property.  We have lived in this home for eight years, and I had never  picked the berries.  Why?  When I was extrememly overweight, there was always an excuse.  It was too hot or really I just didn't want the extra work.  It was too easy to feel worn out or hot with all the extra weight.

I mentioned in the last post about visiting an amusement park and actually enjoying myself, so I'm feeling the same way about other extra activities.  My children play baseball and softball, so I always endured the heat for them.  This year I've made it to my niece's games too.  I don't worry about the heat or having to walk far to the fields.

It has been a feeling of freedom.  If someone mentions an extra activity during the summer, I am up for the challenge!

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