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Friday, June 22, 2012

Not Afraid of Amusement Parks

I can remember being scared to death of amusement rides when I was heavier.  There was always that worry that the belt wouldn't fit or the bar that comes down would be too tight.  I would hold my breath and just imagine what if the worse scenario happens:  everyone would know I was too big for the ride. 

When my kids were little, I would make my husband ride the big rides that I didn't want them to go on alone.  The reason: my weight.  I also felt guilty about not riding with them and felt like my husband was the one getting to make those special memories. 

Yesterday, my family went to an amusement park!  I had no trouble walking all  day, riding rides, or participating in water park rides.  It felt great!  My husband is scared of heights, so I had to ride all the "scary" rides with my son.  I was so happy that I could do that for him.  

I don't want to forget that feeling of being proud of myself because it helps my kids the most.  I get to have so much fun with them :)  Use whatever motivates you to be a healthier, active person.


  1. I'm glad you had such a great time at the amusement park! And what a great motivator!

  2. Isn't that the absolute truth to this journey? I too was afraid of rides on the parks and avoided them whenever possible. Good for you on having a terrific time. Those kinds of experiences are treasures.