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Monday, June 11, 2012

Time for a salad shake-up

During the school year, I stay on "salad boot camp."  I have a dear friend at work that follows along during "boot camp."  Everyday (M-F) we eat a salad, fat free yogurt, and drink our water like good salad soldiers :).  I contemplated a different plan for summer break but really just enjoy my salad at lunch. It is such an easy way to save calories for dinner.   I do go out to eat more often during the break, so boot camp doesn't always last all week.

However, it's time to shake-up my salads. I love to eat salad anytime of the year, but summer provides an opportunity for new ingredients. Once in awhile I do get bored with the plain, everyday vegetable salad. I'm on the lookout for some new spins on my favorite meal for lunch.

Picture is from recipegirl.com

This is my next salad adventure: watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberry, and feta cheese salad!  It is a spin from a local restaurant.  I had this salad a few weeks ago but have been able to decide on the dressing the restaurant had used, so after some searching on-line I am going with a low fat version.
Start with a bed of greens, add the fruit and feta cheese, sprinkle with the crunchy Chinese noodles (optional), and then use a dressing made with white wine vinegar, mint, lime/lemon juice, and EVOO.  The dressing isn't exact from Recipegirl.com but it would be my version of the dressing. 

Anyone else have ideas about the dressing?  Also, any healthy salad recipes would be appreciated too :)

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  1. That sounds wonderful! I love the Sparkpeople cookbook as a great inspiration for salads and dressings!