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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is it really just a number?

A friend and I just had a conversation about how important it is or isn't when it comes to one's weight.  Is it really just a number?   I think it is important to know "the number" but also not let it define your day.  I have been in both places: not caring and being obsessed. 

Not caring can lead to too much weight gain.  There can be many excuses for not weighing: too busy, bad food choices, not exercising enough, not wanting to be disappointed and the list goes on...  I have found for myself that not weighing means I usually feel guilty about my food and exercise choices.  That is why I am making myself weigh every Saturday morning.  Once a week allows for accountability without getting stressed every morning about "that number."

On the other side, I can also be too obsessed with the number.  In the past, I would let that number define how I felt about myself for the day.  I try not to get that caught up in the number anymore.

 My friend and I concluded that weighing is good for accountability but NO we are not just a number. 

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