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Thursday, January 19, 2012

One bad choice doesn't have to lead to another

Usually, once I make one bad food choice it leads to another bad choice: not to exercise.  Tonight was a test of breaking that habit.  My husband and kids really wanted to eat Chinese food which for me is a bad choice.  I love the food at our local Chinese restaurant but not anything on the menu that is healthy.  The kids and I like to split the orange chicken dish three ways.  You know that is still a lot of food at these restaurants. 

Ok, so I made a bad food choice and I was already thinking that I might as well skip working out.  I had blown the day, right?  I was flip-flopping the choice in my head on the drive home.  I ate way too many calories, so why bother.

But...after much debate in my head I decided to workout.  Yes, I made a bad food choice but that didn't mean I had to make another bad choice.  It took a strong pep talk from myself to change into my workout clothes and just do it!  I was so proud of myself for making a good choice that I stepped up the intensity of my workout  :)

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