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Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Achilles' Heel

My Achilles' heel for weight loss has been afternoon snacks. Since the age of five, I have been a student, teacher, or both.  I always think that an after school snack is a necessity.  For awhile I was sticking to just one, healthy, afternoon snack but lately I have been eating too many snacks.   By the time I get home, I am ravenously hungry. There is so much to do between getting home from work and actually making dinner. Lately, I have found myself overeating during that time between getting home from work and setting down to the dinner table.

I had a friend once tell me, "let the food do its job." This is what she meant:  don't keep eating until you are stuffed.  The food needs time to work and tell your brain that you have eaten enough. I am letting my hunger get out of control in the afternoon, and I keep getting several small snacks in order to feel quickly satisfied. 

My goal this week is to have ONE healthy snack during this time.  I am going to  be sure to drink a bottle or two of water while I'm waiting for the food "to do its job."  I usually reward myself with a diet coke after work but I will now wait until dinner to drink it.  I really think the soda adds to the hunger issue. 

I've also prepared a list of acceptable snacks: a handful of almonds ( a personal favorite), Fiber One 90 calorie bars, a serving of Cheerios, a serving of cold-cut turkey, or a piece of string cheese. 

Any comments on healthy snacking is appreciated :)

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