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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Please Don't Pass the Bread

One old habit that has been very difficult for me to break is saying no to bread.  I mean the basket that comes out at almost every restaurant before the meal is served.  In the past I would have definitely eaten a piece or two.  One major weakness: breadsticks at the Olive Garden. We don't live near the restaurant so getting to eat there is always a treat.  Surely that means that I deserve to have one, right?

Yesterday, I passed on the breadsticks at Olive Garden.  It wasn't easy.    The bread looked and smelled delicious!  However, I've been trying to reset my brain when it comes to bread: I don't need it because my meal is plenty to make me feel full.  I was actually finishing my meal when I realized that I hadn't picked up a breadstick.  Score one for me!

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