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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Keep moving

Two things that I want to keep moving: my weight (downwards of course) and my body.  I finally broke through my weight plateau and lost a pound this week.  I was staying the same throughout the holidays.  I guess that is ok since holiday eating is such a challenge.  I am hopeful that my weight will now keep moving in the right direction. 

Item #2 to keep moving:   my body.  I can get easily bored with a specific  workout so I have to keep changing it up.  Today I walked four miles outside.  My son rode his bike next to me, so I fit in a workout and quality time with him too.  This winter I am using my Wii fit board,  Biggest Loser DVD, and yoga to stay active.  I will always prefer to do a fast walk outside when weather and time permits. 

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